Connie and Me

Connie and Me

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

excerpt to my novel..

Sadie seemed confused and disoriented- she had no idea where she was and what was happening to her..

" Dante are you here, she cried, Dante, where are you?

As she cried out, she could her the sounds of a baby crying in the background.

" Keyla is that you, hunny, please answer me.  As she called out her voice seeemed to get weaker

and she felt as if she was about to pass out.

" Dante please answer me, she called again.  However this time, a very faint voice answered her.

" He is not here anymore Sadie.

" Who is that ? she called out.  Sadie could not make out the woman's voice.

"Please go, Sadie, you have done enough, the woman's voice added.

" Dorotea is that you?  she called in a very distraught tone.

" Look Sadie, you have done enough, now please let us be.